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Chemistry is more a scientific discipline than core science. It is so because it involves the study of compounds like elements and molecules. The compounds change their properties including shape, size and behavior on coming into contact with other compounds and nature. It is called a reaction.

Here’re the five important branches of chemistry

Organic Chemistry: It is the chemistry of life as it is related to the study of carbon and its compounds.

Inorganic Chemistry: The compounds left in organic chemistry are covered in the inorganic branch. Metal is the best example of an inorganic compound.

Analytical Chemistry: It is the study of matter in which focus is on the development of tools used for measuring properties of matter.

Physical Chemistry: This branch of chemistry applies to physics. In a broad sense, it is related to the studying how thermodynamics and quantum mechanics are related to chemistry.

Biochemistry: It is the study of chemical reaction that living organisms experience. The chemical process taking place in living organisms is a continuous process.

Chemistry uses chemicals as tools and most of the applications are limited to laboratories. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the students need labs to study chemical applications.

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