Boost Your Performance By Taking Breaks

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Short breaks between study aren’t simply downtime but brain boosters and this has been proved in a 2016 study conducted by an American psychologist Karrie Godwin.

What were the findings of the study?

The study conducted on elementary students found that most students remain distracted for almost quarter of their class. They simply couldn’t focus on the study but the study also revealed that shorter lessons keep students engaged It suggested that giving several 10-minutes lessons are more useful than fewer 30-minutes classes.

So, what should be the ideal length of a break and when is the right time to take a break?

Experts could have different opinions on length and time of study breaks but psychologist Karrie Godwin suggests a break after every 10-minute of study. But students can extend these 10-minutes to 15 or 20 depending on their individual capacity and needs.

For example, you can choose to take breaks after completing a topic. VProgress also suggests the idea of taking relaxing and refreshing breaks between topics. And for a break, you can take a round of your home, cook a healthy meal or meditate.

But you should never take a nap, eat junk food or take excessive caffeine. The objective of break is to prepare your body and mind for the next lesson and not to exhaust yourself completely.

Do you take breaks between studies?

If you try completing your homework and assignments at one go then you are studying in a wrong way. The best way is to try doing a job while remaining refreshed to take a new job.

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