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Accountancy is the study of financial information about economic entities. Economic entity is a term used for organizations both profit and non-profit. The information tells about the growth and development of economic entities. And the level of information increases with classes.

The Accounting is divided into 5 areas according to its uses

Financial Accounting
Information about external users of an economic entity. These users are investors and creditors.

Management Accounting
Information for decision making like setting targets and allocating budget for necessary activities.

It is examination of financial information presented by economic entities.
Accounting Information Systems: It is information about processing of accounting data by economic entities. But most entities use Artificial Intelligence-based information system.

Tax Accounting
It is information about tax payments made by economic entities.

Each topic is further subdivided into smaller subjects for ease of study. The financial information is classified under various topics and subtopics for a detailed study. But all the topics and subjects are closely related to each other.

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An accounting tutor can help in understanding basics of accounting. He will simplify the concepts and prepare a detailed plan to study the subject. You can’t see accounting as a whole but you can understand the subject by looking at its fields. It is the combined study of various fields that make accounting.]

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The tuition classes would be conducted in a very professional manner. The classes would start with the assessment student. A test would be taken and the result would be used for preparing a detailed study plan backed by weekly assessment tests to measure pace of study and milestones achieved.

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Together with planned study and timely assessment, you will start doing better in accounting. The accounting tutor will make things simple-to-do and easy-to-understand. He will take the assessment tests, prepare a progress report and share the information with parents. VProgress accounting tuition service is quite helpful for students for the aforesaid reasons.

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