A Top-Notch Tutoring Organisation Is Answering Parents Queries Related To Online Tuition

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VProgress is a leading online tutoring platform in NSW and Australia. Its tutors come from a selected group of teachers and professors from renowned institutions. And it caters to the tutoring needs of hundreds of parents and students.

The introduction to VProgress is necessary before detailing the theme of the blog. Being a leading tutoring institute, VProgress receives hundreds of queries regarding online tutoring from worried parents and students. But most of the queries VProgress answers are about disadvantages.

Parental queries regarding online tuition

Students require at least basic knowledge of IT to get online tuitions. It means that younger children will first have to take IT training to become comfortable with online tuition.

Students will have difficulties with questions that require detailed answers or calculations that can only be made on paper.

In case a student feels discouraged; the online tutor won’t be able to provide the motivation that a physical teacher can.

  1. Parents won’t be able to have direct contact with online tutors.
  2. Online tutors won’t be able to see how their students are doing.
  3. Graphical explanations are difficult to understand and they are more time consuming.

VProgress answers these questions

Little IT training is required to start getting online tuitions. In case of younger children, parents can help kids in attending online classes.

Students are asked to email partially completed work to their tutors in advance. Questions that require detailed answers or involve calculations can be sent in separate mails.

Online tutors can monitor the motivation level of students through their interaction. Parents need not to worry about their children getting demotivated as it is responsibility of online teachers to keep students motivated.

Parents can communicate with online tutors through emails, chat messages and video calls.

Online tutors have little need to monitor students because they keep students engaged through questions that can be answered orally.

Students have to study graphs wherever necessary because graphs are part of coursework. But online tutors can go a step ahead in explaining graphs using tools like online examples.

Future of online tutoring

VProgress sees the future of tutoring in online learning technology like touchscreen technology with which both student and tutors can make hand-written notes in real time.

Online tutoring will become more portable with widespread use of Smartphones, iPads and tablets in future.

Tutors will also find simple ways to take advantage of the online technology for the benefit of students.

Being a leading online tutoring platform, VProgress feels the responsibility of answering all parental queries related to online tutoring. The VProgress team tries its best to give satisfactory answers to all questions raised about success of online tuition.

But parents should also understand that some problems can be solved only when they arrive. You simply can’t dream about a problem and make us to answer that question that is no question for online tutors.

For example, take the question of demotivation of students. If a student feels demotivated, he will look for help towards his parents and tutor and here everyone in his contacts has to rush to his help.


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