A News Report Highlights The Plight Of Students

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With this blog, I want to drag attention to a recent trend in Year 12 students. In 2018, an analysis of high school enrollment trends revealed that WA’s Year 12 students were leaving harder subjects.

And I strongly believe that this analysis still holds relevance….

The analysis revealed a steep decline in the enrollments in literature, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, economics, modern history, drama and physical education studies. Also, the report quoted English Teachers Association of WA president Claire Jones and Science Teachers Association of WA president Stacey Fairhead to put emphasis on its findings.

Two years have passed since the last analysis but little has changed. The students are still hesitating in giving their best in subjects that require special attention. It isn’t that they don’t get quality education in schools but that they need guidance that only private tutors can give.

So, what encouraged me to pen this blog two years after that report….

Today, students have the opportunity to get home tuition from tutors of their choice from across Australia. And is really an opportunity because earlier your options were limited to a certain number of tutors working in your neighborhood. The online medium has reduced the physical distance to mere addresses.

Also, you can find leading as well as upcoming tutors on VProgress tutoring website. The reason behind students deserting difficult ATAR subjects in 2018 was their inaccessibility or inability to get quality tuition. But today, they can get online tuition service that is both flexible and affordable to continue their education without fail.

Write to VProgress about your tuition needs and let the website suggest tutors for your needs. Online tuition service allows flexibility of scheduling classes according to availability of both students and teachers. Also, the duration of classes could be shortened or lengthened according to needs.

Tuition for difficult subjects


It is a subject with wide applications in physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, economics and commerce. And what makes this subject difficult is use of complex formulas and lengthy calculations. It is really next to impossible to master this subject without tuition.

Computing Systems

Courses related to computer engineering demand a lot of mental attention but a slight distraction could ruin your understanding. Having an online tutor for computer engineering could help in achieving good score in this subject.

Organic Chemistry

It includes formulas and equations that are difficult to understand, remember and apply without tuition. What is taught in the class has to be revised at home. Here an online tutor can help in understanding, remembering and using the formulas.


A sibling of finance and accounting, commerce also involves use of long formulas and detailed concepts. And if you aren’t taking online tuition for commerce, you would find it very difficult to understand its application.


It is international language and every student must have a strong command over English language but many students can’t communicate in English due to weak grammar and vocabulary. But those that get online tuition for English use English as their first language.

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