70% Students Aren’t Ready To Learn Online According To A Report

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Parents should go through the Grattan Institute report on a survey of 5000 NSW teachers. The report said that only 35% teachers were confident that their students were doing well with online learning.

The report further revealed that only 15% teachers in the disadvantaged schools are certain of progress of students in remote learning. The report also highlighted that 70% of students weren’t willing to learn online. It also marked the slow pace of learning saying that most students were learning at 50% to 75% of their usual pace.

UNESCO’s 2020 GEM Report states that 40% of low and lower-middle income countries can’t support disadvantaged learners in online classes. These reports are eye openers for parents that believe that their kids can do well in online learning.

Who are disadvantages students?

These are children that are in slow in studies due to their socio-economic backgrounds. But they can do well, if provided an opportunity. And these students could be in any age group.

Why teachers are rating their students low?

A majority of teachers (65%) said that they weren’t certain that their students could do well in online studies because the teachers know the limitations of students. Your child could also be underperforming and you are unaware about his performance.

Advice for parents….

You could find these reports worrying but instead of getting worried, you should seriously look for options to help your child. Online education is a reality and schools can provide limited time to your kid. Now everything depends on your child. He has to perform in order to score high grades and prepare a solid foundation for his career.

Online tutoring is the best option for students….

In this satiation, online tuition is the one and the only option left for students and parents shouldn’t deny online tuition to their children. On the contrary, they should support their children to accept the reality of online learning and need of online tutors.

The above reports highlight the gap between what is taught in online classes and what students perceive in remote learning. Schools want students to learn the way they used in classrooms but children are waiting to return to classrooms.

Switch to online tuition today….

An online tutor can provide real help to your child and you can easily find the right teacher for your child. There are many online tutoring websites where you can find teachers for all subjects. Also, you can negotiate the best fee with online tutors. In this way, you can save your child from becoming depressed due to pressure of studies.

The above reports are an indication that not all is well with online classes and that parents should be alert about performance of their children. The time is running fast but it is never to late to start.

Let an experienced teacher assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child and prepare a detailed plan of study for his overall growth and mental development through the online way. And you remain assured that your child will do well in his studies.

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