58% University Students Will Fail In One Subject In Their Degree Courses Due To Lack Of Guidance And Support

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You won’t like discussing or even thinking about failure while going to your college but the pain of failing would haunt you day and night. 

I’m writing this blog on “failure” that is depressingly common among university students. And it isn’t just an assumption but fact proved by several studies done on students. 

Data driven facts on failure in universities

  • A study on a prominent Australian university found that 52% students belonging to education, civil engineering, nursing and commerce had failed at least one unit during their degree. 
  • Another study at another Australian university found 186 undergraduates who were enrolled in 2017 despite their failure in at least one unit of study in the previous year. 
  • Also, it is found that 58% of students that failed one subject failed again in the same subject or another.
  • According to a statistical analysis, students that failed are four times more likely to fail again than others that haven’t. 

So, what’re the reasons for so many students failing in specific subjects?


From self-confidence to study habits and attitudes and from life circumstances to health and employment, there’re many reasons for college students failing in their tests. But in some cases, policies, procedures and curriculum are also factors behind failure.

There’s a need to discuss failure in universities….

But it is rarely discussed as the topic is closed saying that those that failed were lazy or careless. Universities can shed their responsibilities by blaming the students for their failures but the universities don’t forget taking credit for high marks and research work.

VProgress also talked to students….

We talked to students of large Australian universities to know what prevents them from doing their best. And we got a huge response where students told their problems like poor study habits, difficulty with language, social isolation and lack of support from teaching staff. 

In our opinion, most of the problems ailing students can be worked out. They can be saved from getting failed. And if you are of the opinion that tuition is the answer to all these problems then you will be surprised to know that most of those students failed despite taking tuitions. 

VProgress studied the data in detail to find the missing link between problems and failures and found that the students that failed didn’t have proper guidance. 

Is your tutor giving you the right guidance?

Your private teacher shouldn’t teach like your school teacher. You need tuition not to complete your homework or course but to study in a strategic manner that helps in achieving high rank and their career goals. 

VProgress is a tutoring platform but with a difference visible in its approach. We provide more than tuition; we provide guidance that you need to excel in your studies. 

Tuition service you need….

Find the tutor that provides you more than tuition. You will get practice question papers ahead of exams. The tutor will monitor your progress with weekly reports to aware you about your strength. Also, he will provide emotional support you need to stay fresh.   

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