5 Tips For Students To Get Ready For Tuition

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Home tuition is a great idea, but students take it as a panacea. They leave everything to tutors. For instance, they don’t identify their learning style but want tutors to be aware of that. Similarly, they don’t prepare for tuition and expect the tutors to remind students about past lessons.

VProgress receives communication from parents and students where they claim that tutors show little enthusiasm and provide limited support. And when VProgress asked parents and students about their preparation for tuition, they had no education about how to prepare for getting tuitions.

This blog has some important tips for students so that they are better prepared to take advantage of tuitions.


  1. Develop a learning style

There are three broad categories of learning styles – Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. Visual learning is about learning by seeing things happening before eyes. For example, you will learn faster, if you are taught theory on whiteboard or asked to read from books. 

Auditory learning is about learning by hearing. Here your focus will be on words coming from the mouth of your tutor instead of those written on whiteboard. Kinaesthetic learning involves practical learning like writing answers and making calculations.

It is for students to develop a learning style and aware their teachers about their styles so that the tutors transform their teaching style according to the convenience of students.

  1. Read topics beforehand

Your tutor will give you an idea on the topics to be covered in the coming sessions. And your job is to get ready to learn those topics. For example, you can read those topics beforehand or at least revise the concepts, formulas, theories or anything taught in the last class. When you are ready to learn a new topic, the tutor won’t have to remind you want you learnt in last class or how the present topic is related to past lessons.

  1. Make notes

Making notes is good habit because it serves two purposes – reminds you of important things and prevents things from getting bored. Receiving teaching is like getting showers and if you aren’t ready to collect the dewdrops, they will disappear on falling down. And making notes is like collecting drops.

  1. Ask questions

Developing a learning style, advance preparation and making notes will help identify problem areas and when you know the obstacles, you can ask your tutor to clear your doubts. Your overall learning experience will be improved and knowledge boosted.

  1. Try learning new things

Your tutor will share his experience and give some extra tips to boost your knowledge but only when you show enthusiasm for learning new things. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you will really become excited to learn new things.


Tuition is an added advantage. It is for more knowledge and information. Your tutor will take the thread where it is left and if you don’t have even the basic knowledge of your course then it is really very difficult for even the most experienced tutor to provide real help. 

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