5 Proven Science-Based Study Tips For Those That Don’t Take Tuition

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Every student tries to give his/her best to studies but how one performs depends on many factors like intelligence, time given to study and tuition. Those who take tuitions have little to worry as they have tutors to advice and guide. But many students still rely on self-study.

VProgress helps every student including those that don’t take tuitions. Today tuition is a must because of heightened competition. But never mind, if you don’t take tuition as you can still do better in exams but following these scientific tips.

1. Study before heading for bed

According to science, brain works fast when you are sleepy. It is the time when you can process new information fast and puts the info as memories into long-term storage. Reading a quick note when sleepy could help in strengthening your knowledge in the long run.

2. Space it out

In science, it is called “spaced repetition” where information is broken into small chunks for ease of comprehension and review. For example, if you are learning periodic table, you can learn it in small parts instead of imbibing the entire periodic table at one go.

3. Create memories

How about creating acronyms for important details you need to remember? And there should be little hassle in choosing acronyms as you do it in chemistry where Na is used for sodium and Cl for chloride. Just like chemical formulas, you can make acronyms for other subjects.

4. Write it down

Research suggests that brain stores more information that is written down on paper or even typed or entered in a computer. You can learn difficult topics by writing them on paper or on computer.

5. Test your knowledge

Keep testing your knowledge with practice papers and sample tests to make sure that you are on the right path. Testing will keep you aware about your pace of study and the areas where you need improvement.

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