5 Lesser Known Time Management Tips For College Students

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According to a study conducted by Georgetown University, 40% of students between the age group of 16-29 and 76% of students between 30 and above work while in school. 

Students face the biggest challenge with time management. It isn’t that they are unable to manage their time but that they don’t know how to. They want to join their families over meals and it adds to the stress of completing assignments on time and preparing for upcoming exams.

If you are also facing difficulty with time management then you aren’t alone. But the strange thing is that you aren’t able to manage your time even after getting so many tips for time management.

VProgress has tried to find the answer behind students running late in everything from submitting their assignments and preparing for exams. There are many tips but of very little help for students. Actually, those tips are general in nature. They are for everyone. 


Here VProgress tries to find the right tips for students

  1. Write down important dates

Writing down everything that is important is a good habit. It won’t let you miss anything including assignments, appointments and examinations. Another advantage of writing important dates is that it will prevent you from getting surprises. For example, you won’t get surprised when you teacher reminds the class that the students have only two days to submit their assignments.

  1. Make checklists

Just writing down everything or making notes about important tasks and dates is only half battle won, if you don’t make a checklist of tasks completed like assignments submitted and preparations made for exams. Here you can make colors like green for lesser important tasks and red for more important things. 

  1. Take advantage of mobile apps

There are many apps like Trello, Rescue Time and Toggl that you can use to monitor your time. If you like making a calendar, you can use Cal or Calendar or use Focus Booster to keep distractions away. These apps will turn your mobile into a reliable digital assistant.

  1. Prioritize to organize your work

There could be lot of dates to remember, assignments to complete and exams to prepare for. Also, there will be pressure to complete your homework and listen to what your tutor says in private tuition class. When you have multiple things to do in a short time, you should prioritize your tasks to diffuse the pressure. 

  1. Balance your work

There could be two important tasks to be completed at a time. It is where the good habits of writing down everything, making checklist and using technology could help. These tips will save you time that you can use for maintaining balance in your homework, assignments and exam preparations. 

VProgress doesn’t want to burden students with hundreds of tips that they can’t follow. It is a leading tutoring website and being in the business of servicing students, it better understands their needs. You can follow our tips to bring a positive change in your academic life. 



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