5 Habits That Are Best Friends Of Students

Whether you take tuition or do self-study, these five habits can help in your studies. And you can develop these habits with little practice.

Develop good learning habits….

For effective study, you need reviewing your notes and consolidating the knowledge gained by teaching the topics reviewed to others like your parent, sibling and friend. For example, you can tell your family about your homework and what you learnt while doing the homework.

Exercising is good for learning….

Exercising is good for learning

Exercising like brisk walking has a very positive effect on mind. It works as a stress buster and helps maintaining “yes I can” attitude towards your goals. And you don’t have to go to a fitness center for exercising. You can do morning stretches at home, dance to the tune of your favorite music or simply go up and down the stairs to keep moving.

Set easy goals….

Keep your study goals short and achievable so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to achieve the goals. For example, you can divide your course into different sections and read one section every day. In this way, you can keep your confidence up all the time and complete your study as planned.

Take break from social media….

Take break from social media

Keep your social media on silent mode at least during the time of studying. Reading social media feeds could be distracting and if you are of the opinion that you can do multitasking then you are wrong. For convenience, you can take advantage of apps developed for locking social media for short durations.

Good sleep is good for brain….

Take enough sleep of at least 8 hours in order to keep your brain active. Scientific research has also proved that good sleep consolidates memory. Also, students that take good sleep do well in their studies.

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