4 Important Tips For Success In ICAS Exam

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International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS Test) has become a standard test for determining reasoning power of students. Here students get grades according to their basic knowledge. This test deserves special attention as it tests the real logical power of students. There are many tips for ICAS students but it’s good to have a quick look at the reward points before moving ahead on the most important tips.

  • High Distinction (1% of students)
  • Distinction (10% of the remnants)
  • Credit (25% of the remnants)
  • Merit (10% of the remnants)
  • Participation (All participants)

A word of caution: Students should try doing their best with their natural ability as trying artificial intelligence like spoon-feeding by tutors won’t help in this specific exam.

First tip is to remove the pressure of ICAS Exam

Everyone ICAS aspirant wants to be in high distinction but it isn’t possible. What would you do, if you get distinction? The exam result shows where you stand in your academic career and how much you need working to perform better. When preparing for ICAS, you should think of nothing but to perform at your optimum level.

Second tip is to speak to your seniors for advice

If you know anyone that has appeared in ICAS, you can approach him for help. But it is better you find a tutor experienced in preparing students for ICAS test. A teacher can become your trustworthy partner in the journey towards success in the ICAS exam. Also, the tutor can connect you with the ICAS students he taught.

Third tip is to get organized

When you are going to appear in ICAS, you can’t take chances. If you aren’t organized, you shouldn’t write the paper. If you think your course books and sample papers available in market and on the web could help in preparing for ICAS then you are underestimating the test. It is standard assessment of your basic knowledge and the assessment should start from home. An experienced tutor would do the first assessment before the ICAS board.

Fourth tips is to remain confident

ICAS exam tests the basic knowledge and every participant gets a certificate of appreciation to sit in the international exam. You should focus on your strengths instead of comparing with others. Here you need someone that can highlight your strengths. Your parents or your tutor can do this job better than your friends.

Simply put, you need a tutor to help in preparation of ICAS exam.

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